Doris Bersing, PhD

Because freedom can’t protect itself!

Our civil responsibility is to stay informed and support THOSE projects that represent our values. The ones that represent mine and they are not necessarily the ones to represent of all yours… but it shows one starting end to the fight and some common ground. For instance, the gossipLGBT Project works for an America free of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This means an America where LGBT people can live openly, where our identities, relationships and families are respected, and where there is fair treatment on the job, in schools, housing, public places, health care, and government programs. Read more

We have the tendency to forget the origins/ancient institutions that fought fr our rights…only to realize that those are still the same ones that continue fighting for the same inequalities. Thus the work of the he ACLU has a long history defending the LGBT community. We brought our first LGBT rights case in 1936 and founded the LGBT Project in 1986. The ACLU’s LGBT rights strategy is based on the belief that fighting for the society we want means not just persuading judges and government officials, but ultimately changing the way society thinks about LGBT people. To end discrimination, the ACLU seeks both to change the law and to convince Americans that sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination is wrong. The ACLU carries out this work in five priority areas: Basic Rights and Liberties, Parenting, Relationships and Marriage, Youth and Schools, and Transgender Discrimination. Read More